MeditaProf was created for TEACHERS and TEACHING PROFESSIONALS!

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LEARN the quickest steps to start MEDITATING ANYWHERE so you can keep your cool and poise at the most nerve-wracking moments of your working day.

LEARN the 3-STEP MIND/HEART GRATITUDE TECHNIQUE you can apply between classes so you can replenish your vital and mental ENERGY SUPPLIES.

USE the step-by-step LIFE FLUENCY MANUAL
that takes you on a journey of self-discovery
to becoming fluent in the language of your own SOUL.

MeditaProf is a 116-page eBook:

EACH MODULE is divided into 6 phases:
Study, Moment of Gratitude, Moment of Reflection,
Time for Action, Setting Goals and Evaluating Results.
We believe this is the surest way for you to
REALLY incorporate this practice into your life effectively!

In a very didactic way, at the start of each module,
you will have a general view of what you'll achieve:


"Plan lessons until 1am, wake up at 5am in a sweat, vomit, go to work, teach."
“I was having heart palpitations and panic attacks. My body was totally exhausted. I couldn’t go on.”
"I barely got to see my family. I was doing my job, coming home, having dinner, then starting work at 8.30pm and working through until 1am, every night.”
“I just burst into tears and didn’t stop crying for two hours. I was sent home – I have no idea how I got there. My memory is just a blur. I went to bed and slept until Tuesday morning. I had barely had any sleep over the holidays.”
" At weekends, I would work all day Sunday, planning my lessons for the following week. I became really insular and lost a lot of friends because I didn’t have the time to spend with them."

Teacher Burnout is defined as “a state of chronic stress that leads to physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism, detachment, and feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment."

Studies prove that Meditation for teachers can PREVENT BURNOUT and that it also has several other benefits:

it boosts SELF-ESTEEM
Meditation helps teachers to see themselves as people who can and should contribute positively to society. A teacher with great self-esteem and confidence becomes a positive role model and tends to be happier in his/her profession.

It Changes the BRAIN STRUCTURE for the better
Meditation can modify the brain structure, increasing the brain area related to learning, memory, introspection, and reducing the area related to more aggressive behavior, reactivity and impulsive responses.

It increases IMMUNITY.
Research reports that there is a significant increase in antibodies in people who meditate.
They conclude that a short meditation program has positive effects on the brain and immune function.

It improves SLEEP
The regular practice of meditation makes people relax more fully, preventing them from sleeping with negative thoughts, facilitating falling asleep and improving the quality of sleep

In addition, meditation also helps to better deal with stress and labor conflict, providing a better relationship with colleagues.

Meditation develops focus and concentration as you turn your attention to simpler aspects such as your breath or body parts. This training will make you more aware of the countless thoughts that invade your mind.

It helps with CHRONIC PAIN
Meditation has analgesic and anti-inflammatory power, as the activity lowers the levels of substances that cause stress and pain in the body.

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